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Year Long Residency CPE Programs

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

Year-long Residency Programs in 2014 – 2015
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Lutheran HealthCare (LHC) is a community based health care organization and principle provider of medical and social support services for southwest Brooklyn. LMC is a Level One Trauma Center. Chaplains are assigned units both at Lutheran Medical Center, a 476-bed academic teaching hospital, and Lutheran Augustana Center for Extended Care and Rehabilitation, a 240 bed skilled nursing facility. CPE residents receive a complement of medical and psychiatric clinical experience. This is a rewarding place to practice pastoral ministry, in conversation, in prayer, in deep presence.

***Lutheran HealthCare offers part-time (21 clinical h/w) stipended residency positions. CPE residents receive a $15,500 stipend plus benefits.

God calls and empowers us to promote peace, love and justice, with this love being embodied by compassion and service. We see our mission as one of empowering people to reach their full potential. Each of the programs we offer, provides comprehensive wrap-around supportive social services to individuals who have issues with chronic homelessness, disabilities, and mental illness.

Role of chaplain:

  • Visit and develop a pastoral relationship with residents who are open to conversation.
  • Develop and begin bible studies to be made available to residents.
  • Develop and oversee simple chapel services and spirituality.

***Lutheran Social Services of NY offers one full-time (36 clinical h/w) stipend residency position. CPE resident receives a $24,000 stipend plus benefits.

The LSSNY’s disaster relief case management program is specifically designed to serve New Yorkers for whom manipulating the relief and recovery process in the city is overwhelming and seemingly unmanageable. Many of these individuals and families will be ones for whom no socioeconomic safety nets exist: the underemployed, uninsured, underpaid and underfed, and undocumented residents of low-lying sections of Brooklyn, Staten Island and Long Island. disaster case management will be the means by which these neighbors will obtain the tools and resources they need to get back on their feet.

***LSSNY Sandy Relief Program offers one part-time (21 clinical h/w) stipend residency position. CPE resident receives a $14,000 stipend (plus paid tuition).

The centerpiece of Eger’s ministry is the eight-story, 378-bed, skilled nursing tower that includes long term and short term residents, rehab patients, some with Alzheimer’s, many with multiple sclerosis, and all who require 24-hour care. Eger also has a single room, 75-bed assisted living apartment house, an 8-bed hospice residence, and a log cabin that houses the adult day care program.

In addition to individual pastoral care for residents, the pastoral care department provides worship services to various faith religious traditions.

***Eger offers one part-time (21 clinical h/w) stipended residency position. CPE resident receives a $15,500 stipend plus benefits.

We offer full time (36 clinical h/w) and part time (21 clinical h/w) residency positions with an opportunity to complete three units of CPE in Level I and Level II. CPE Residents meet for group seminars in our CPE Center in Manhattan – one full day a week (not included in clinical hours). Part-time residencies allow our students to keep their full or part time jobs, to study or to pursue other interests throughout the residency year. We offer a limited number of affordable housings in Bronx and Staten Island.

Applicants must have completed at least one prior unit of CPE. The Residency year generally begins in September and concludes in the beginning of September of the next year. Tuition for one CPE Unit is $800.

The deadline for all applications is on February 20, 2014. Interviews will be held in March 2014. Please, fill your application and submit it online through our webpage; email it to: silvia.misina@lasny-cpe.org or fax it to: 888-627-0933. In your application, specify a program of your interest and your reasons.

Materials to submit:

  • ACPE Application Form
  • Two Letters of References
  • Biography (3 pages)
  • Verbatim
  • Supervisor’s and Self Final Evaluations from your last CPE Unit

Click to view forms and fees information.

Rev. Silvia Misina, M.Div., ACPE Supervisor and Program Associate Director
Lutheran Services New York Alliance – Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)
475 Riverside Dr. #1244, New York, NY 10115
Email: silvia.misina@lsnya-cpe.org
Phone: 1-646-413-5443
Fax: 1-888-627-0933